Tuesday, September 11, 2007

First Birthday

My summer has been filled with life-changing, self-actualizing, fun-filled moments. After thinking about what I should write about first, I thought I would start with my youngest cousin's birthday. Why? Because it's the most recent, and I have only uploaded the pictures from this ocassion.

See, I'm the oldest out of all my cousins/generation. I'm 22 and my youngest cousin just turned 1 this month. What's cool also is that my cousin, Lil' Johnny, and I are the only boys in our 15-cousin generation. So I guess you can say we started with a boy and ended with a boy.

So his birthday was on the 8th of September. I now live in San Diego and my family still lives back in L.A. So I thought it would be fun to take the train up to L.A. It was my first time ever riding on a train so I was excited and anxious. The train ride was 3.5 hours long. I thought it was going to be boring but once I was on the train, time passed by pretty damn quick.

Lil' Johnny's birthday was held at Chuck E. Cheese. It's where kids (young and old) can be kids. It's true, my sister, Roxine, 18, Jessilyn, 15, Jessica, 17, Denise, 13, Pauolo, 17, and I were the ones who were playing the video games and arcades. It was definitely really fun. I haven't had "FUN" in what seems to be like forever and a day. I've been really busy this past couple of months. So playing and laughing with my family was something I really missed.

We mostly played basketball and this game where it's like a maze and you have to beat the time and use your fingers. In return, we got a lot of tickets. I was going to give my tickets to my little cousins, but in the end, I ended up keeping it and getting my own prizes, haha. I am such a kid!

Here are some pictures from the event.

My sister, Lil' Johnny (aint he cute) and of course, Chuck E. Cheese cruisin!

ME and my little cousin.

This was really cool, they cketch your picture out.
We call this one, "fruit flies"

Yeah you know you want me to kiss you! haha

Colorful vampire teeth. Just some of the prizes we took home. lol

Kids at heart pt. I

Kids at heart pt II.

After the party, we went back home and I took advantage of this time to take pictures with my cousins. Well just some of them.

Thats Samantha, she lives in Arizona (haha that rhymed)

Denis and I, she way taller than me and I'm 10 years older. Boo!

Jlynn and the fruit fly!

After playing some cards with my cousins, and bonding with my mom and sister, I had to go back to reality and go back home in SD. So my mom and sister dropped me off at the train station in downtown L.A. (We actually got lost) and I headed back home.

What a trip, what a day. It all happened within 18 hours. Taking the train was a really different experience. I would definitely do it again.

That's it!

NEXT BLOG: New school - new place - new life!

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