Sunday, October 7, 2007

JBX & The Girls Weekend: pt I

What a better way to spend a free weekend than to have your best girl friends from L.A. come down to San Diego. Imagine having seven people's weekend free - all at the same time. That doesn't come very often, so we took advantage of it and had a JBX & The Girls Weekend.

The Girls (Lerissa, Kathy, Lauren and Melissa) came down from L.A. on saturday night. Ollie actually joined them on coming down because he was up for some family bonding with his brother earlier that day. Nadine and I were already down here. We decided to go to Pacific Beach "PB" that night. But of course, before we head down there, it was time to get ready - my favorite.

We headed down to PB and hit up the Pacific Beach Bar & Grill. The place was packed. There was a line outside to get in. Once we were in, we got some jagermiester shots. That shit was strong. I'm pretty much low tolerated so I was getting a little buzzed after that shot. We also had some coke & rum, some more shots and some drink with tonic.

After the bar, we headed down to the dance floor, to obviously - dance. The dance floor was full of drunk older men preying on skanky dressed women. Just our scene!

To our surprise, the place closed really early, so what do seven buzzed kids do after dancing? Take the dancing out in the parking lot. We had more fun playing silly outside than inside the venue.

After our little fun and game on the parking lot, we headed over to our friend Nadine's house. I thought we were just going to sit down in a circle and just talk about life - but I guess the party wasn't finished until one of us knocks out. We cooked corned beef and rice because we were all fat and hungry. Melissa got some drinks and we played twister.

I totally don't remember how this night ended, we probably just all knocked out and woke up the next day for our part II of the JBX & The Girls Weekend.

Another memorable night - our lives in Bernardo Hills.

PART II : pool, orgy and Ra Sushi!


John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

Cute! Nothing like fun and friends. Looks like you guys are adjusting well. Cheers!

chase said...

ang saya2x.. heheh
i wanna play twister!