Thursday, May 31, 2007

one word - CHILL

If I was to describe today in one word.. it would be CHILL!

I woke up extra early this morning to drop of my Ollie to work (he works at 8am). I start at 9am and our office is about 15 minutes away from each other. So I was about an hour early for work. For about an hour at work, I stared at my computer screen waiting for my first assignment for today. My first assignment didn’t come until after 9. So imagine sitting on your desk staring, waiting, doodling. I was getting bored, Then towards the end of my shift, all these assignments came rushing and I had to finish before I went home.

I picked up Ollie around 4.30p and headed home to change. We ended up chilling with our close friends, sa and minji. We went to the Brea mall and exchange some shoes for my sister’s prom tomorrow night. We circled the mall waiting for minji to get there. Once minji got to the mall, we ate dinner at the Nordstrom CafĂ©. It was pretty good except the portions were a little small. No wonder why Im still so hungry. Haha! Minji bought some presents for her brother’s bday this weekend and I bought my sister a clutch to go with her shoes. Its cute!!! After, we decided to get some cookies at Mrs. Fields. It was yummy. I wish I had a camera so I could have taken pictures of our food. Ha!

We ended the night early because Ollie and I have work early tomorrow morning. After work tomorrow, Im going to head towards Glendale to fix my sister’s hair for prom. Yes I know a little something about fixing hair. I’ll take pictures of the outcome and hopefully it turns out the way she wants it to.

I’m going to sleep, it’s still way early though but I’m tired!

Btw. Vote my Ollie’s blog. He’s nominated for the for the month of June. His site is located on the right  under “tactology”


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Nike low top sbs


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Softer side of Jay! Love it or leave it.

‘til then. Gnite!


khalel said...

cool blog! I will link you up! and thanks for visiting mah site! Cheers!
Stay Blessed, Beautiful and free!

You and ollie stay out of trouble, ayt?

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

Sorry to hear about your Mother's reaction. Always remember that she loves you no matter what. As for me and my Mom, we don't talk about it, but I think she kinda knows since we talk about fashion all the time and are both shopaholics....Anyway, keep blogging! Ciao!

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