Sunday, June 17, 2007

live love rock!

i just finished editing my ollie's myspace. go check it out. it's cool. its art. "live it. love it. rock it." he's sitting on the bed, on his laptop, shirtless, wearing my boxers, and as i look at him, i know he's the one. you know that feeling you get when you know something is right. your heart skips, your knees weakens, you're speechless. yeah thats how i feel right now. all i want to do is go over there and hug him *pause* ok im back. yeah he's defintely the one.

so you're wondering when JBX was first established... let me tell you our story.

we met at a club, yes a club. it was in Rage. he's a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of mine. the first time i saw him, i thought his hair was awesome. im into hair and he's got one of the best hair ive ever seen. so that was a plus. our first eye contact was across the dance floor. he just got out of the bathroom and i was standing against the wall. and boom, we made eye contact. since then, we were eyeing each other throughout the whole night. we were always trying to make sure that we were dancing where the other one can see. you know you do that too. haha! our first interaction was in the parking lot. he told me he likes my socks. and i offered my hand for a handshake and said 'hi! im jaybe" and with that one handshake was the birth of our love.

it was simple, it was cute, it was love at first sight.. of hair. two and a half years later, we're still together. and two and a half years, especially in the queer world, is pretty long. we make it work, there were times when it was hard but we pull through because we put our differences aside and understand each other. we respect each other and we both know each other's strengths and weaknesses. he never ever try to change me. i love him simply because he loves me for who i am.

i love this picture. its our wedding picture. ha!

he was trying to sleep, but i wouldn't let him so i showered him with kissed! i think he liked it though!

i know its hard to find love. real love. i know some people who jump into relationships just because they like the attention. it makes them happy knowing the fact that someone is enfatuated with them. but is it real? why would someone jump into something temporary. it takes time.

time? this upcoming week is really busy for me. i have work from monday to friday. my sister's high school grad is on wednesday. i have disneyland from thursday to saturday. and at the same time, i have to spend as much time as i possibly can with my ollie. he's leaving to the pinas in appx. a week and a half. i'm truly going to miss him. we've been unseperable (literally) for quite some time, and i remember when he went on a cruise for a week and we weren't able to speak with each other, i cried almost every night. empty bed, no morning kiss, no night cuddles. it'll be hard, but im glad hes visiting the pinas. he's never been there and im glad he gets to experience his culture. but still! ill be home missing him, wishing he's here for me to hold him at night. i'll miss the way he looks at me and smiles for no reason. our little disagreements with food. the way he holds my pinky finger or the way we brush our feet together when we sleep. man, i need to stop thinking about it. he'll come back after three weeks and then we'll catch up on the days we missed.

disneyland rocks. it hurts my feet like a bitch, but i love it. it makes me happy seeing those little kids smiling and waving and going "ratatouille!!!" yesterday, my headband came off so i was hella sweating. and it kept dripping on my eye so it looked like i was winking at everybody. haha. and it stings. im getting used to dancing down main street. it seems pretty long but i know ill get use to it.

anyways, thats my weekend. and ill update with more pictures later. have a good night and 'till next time.



AHH! I'm going to miss you too!.. Yeah I was suprised why you were huggin n kissin me out of nowhere. I was like "What did you do this time??" Juust kidz! Thanks for PIMPIN my MYSPACE! I think I'll be ready to premiere it tomorrows. Can't wait for our cuddles tonight.

Love You.

khalel said...

Darn! You guys! Stop That! You making me cry!