Sunday, July 15, 2007

beautiful... hot day!!!

i woke up earlier than i usually do, so i ended up going to church. I havent gone to church in so long, I feel really bad.

I didn't know what to wear to church today, so i came up with this...

i actually like this shirt!

Church wasn't bad at all, I actually enjoyed it. On my way home, I looked outside my car, and it was way too hot, yet the day looked so beautiful. I wanted to take more picture of the scenery but unfortunately, I was driving.

in front of carl's jrs. on my way home. no i didnt eat carl's jrs.

this was on my way home. its actually just outside my neighborhood.

now im home and it's way too hot outside. Ill probably go out tonight.

> > > > > > BONUS PICTURE

after i showered. i'll post the rest in a later post. stay tuned if you want to see what happens next. (haha! that sounds wierd)

> > > > > > THANKS

Thank you to my readers who have been voting for me. It's greatly appreciated. Thanks guys! It's an honor to be nominated.

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