Monday, July 2, 2007

G Spot Nominated


My blog just got nominated for the G Spot blog of the month for July. I am truly honored to be considered for this. All I do is blog about my days as a kind of venting out and was not expecting anything like this. I am excited to be nominated. It's cool because my Ollie was nominated last month. So hopefully my readers can share this experience with me. So if you like what you read, please vote and it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

>>>>VOTE HERE<<<<

Click on the link above.
Scroll down...
until you see the same images as the image above (it's on the right)
Then you pick the blogsite that you're voting for.
Click vote.

Easy as that?!

You're vote would mean so much. Thanks guys! 'till next time. Have a good night!


DESERT69 said...

hi congrats for being a nominee... great job...

im new in the blog community can we link together? mine is


congrats again boo! I MISS YOU LIKE HECK HERE!!

Luck it!

Lysandra said...

Well said.