Friday, July 13, 2007

weekday update

sorry i havent been blogging lately. ive just been busy with ollie's surprises. so here's an update of what had happened this past week.

I did project #1. I finished my "surprise" project for Ollie this day. It took me the whole entire day, well maybe it's the fact that I took lots of breaks throughout the day. I must say, it turned out really well. Im sorry I cant say what the "surprise" is because I know Ollie might get the chance to read my blog. But I promise I would let you guys know what it is when he gets back. I already took pictures, I cant wait to share it with you.

I headed over to Glendale and picked up my sister. It was her and I who get to do the cake tasting for her debut. We had three flavors to choose from. Marble, Raspberry and Strawberry. I am a big chocolate fan, so I thought I would really like the Marble. It turned out, it was my least favorite. It was too rich and too sweet, that I think that the guests would not enjoy the whole slice. I don't really like fruity cakes, but the raspberry was pretty good. It just tasted like jelly that you put in a sandwich. My favorite one, and my sister's, is the Strawberry. yes strawberry. For those of you who know me, you know I hate strawberry. It was really good. It has little slices of strawberry filling and the cake wasn't too sweet. It was moist and just right. It was delicious. I think the guests would love it.

After the cake tasting, we headed over to Pasadena for a little shopping trip. We went to Urban Outfitters and chacked out the selections they had. I was previously in Urban Outfitters last Friday so I ended up not buying anything. We headed over to Forever 21 and bought a couple of sunglasses. My sister is a sunglass fanatic so I bought her some. I bought me a star shirt, it's gray and kind of see through. It was nice. After Pasadena, we headed over to Eagle Rock to get some Jollibee. I totally forgot that they also had Chow King, so we ended up getting that instead. I ate a breakfast plate with egg, longanisa and some type of fish. It was good. Then we went home and did some more debut stuff.

I went home early, I didnt get a chance to see my mom. I picked up Kristin and we had some shaved ice at Boba Time. We caught up and just talked about life and our situations at home and with our friends. She misses Ollie too.

Since I went to Disneyland with my friends last Saturday, Kristin and I had been Disney freaks since then. I ended up coming over to her house and watched Aladdin together and had pizza for lunch. We waited about an hour for the pizza but it was worth it. I love Aladdin. It reminds me of my Prince Ollie. I loved the
"A Whole New World" scene. The song is so beautiful. I cant believe one of our filipinas, lea Salonga, sang that song. She has such a wonderful voice. Afterwards, we were going to catch the new Harry Potter movie with Minji and Joe but we ended up not going for reasons I cant say. I just called it a night and went home and just watched, So You think You Can Dance? I love that show. One of the guys are hot.

I ended up calling out of work, because I woke up not feeling very well. I just stayed home and did some laundry. Kristin asked me if I wanted to watch Harry Potter at night, and of course I said yes. I didnt really do anything exciting in the afternoon. I also bought a phone card to call Ollie and we ended up talking for at least 15 minutes. I missed the beginning of Harry Potter, but talking to him for that long was worth it.

The movie was decent. I liked how they're so grown up now. I liked the action, magic scenes. The story was easy to understand. It was a good movie.

So that was my whole week. I cant believe how fast is passed. Im really proud of me, because I made it through 3 weeks without Ollie and I did fine. I told him that last night and he said it's wierd how I am so happy. I like the freedom I had this past couple of weeks but I do miss him and I cant wait till next Tuesday when he comes back. I miss him!

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