Friday, July 20, 2007

REUNITED... and it feels so good!

My baby is back!

He came back on tuesday night. I was so excited while waiting for him. I've never had a bigger smile (even at Disneyland) than the smile I had when I saw him. I gave him the biggest hug, trying to hide the fact that I just had a tattoo done the day before.

On the way to the parking lot, he kind of had the idea that I got a tattoo. My tattoo was surprise #1. So I showed it to him. He thought it was really hot and asked me what it stands for. I would have liked to show it to him when we get home and I take off my shirt and notices it. I thought that would have been sexier.

now we're both tattooed.

So talking about surprises, I let you guys know before that I had two surprises for him....

1. Tattoo
2. ???

Well now you get to find out what surprise #2 was. I painted our room. It used to be a darker brown and now it's white and blue. I also redecorated our room to make it look more sophisticated and modern. Here are some pictures...

I got creative with the circles and rectangles. I had extra paint and I thought it would add a little creativity to our room.

Yes! We have a lot of shoes. I'm a shoe freak! Imelda Marcos anyone?

I decorated with hints of purple, orange and yellow. Something bright to contrast with the blue and white walls. I love our poster and bed sheets.

Candles scented with sunflowers (it's his favorite flower) and a little picture frame of our family (me, ollie and our dog chip) on our bedside table.

We barely use our computer table because we also have a lap top and we like using that better.

Our closet...

I also own a lot of hats...

Oh.. and we also own a lot of shirts!!!

He was really surprised with our room. There's times I catch him just staring at it. I must say, I did a pretty weel job on painting by myself. I did it in one day.


chase said...

ohhh wow.. how sweet..

you got tons of shoes..
so imeldific


Thank you soo soo much for your surprises! Totally turned me on! Now I can't wait to dirty up that new room! just smackin!

Love it. more.

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

nice room! you two are just too cute! anyway have fun!