Friday, July 13, 2007

Morning Glory!

I had a sexual dream this morning about my boyfriend. Maybe it's the fact that he hasnt been here for so long and I miss his touch. I thought I would share it with you guys...

Work was very tiring and I'm on my way home. The only thought in my head is how much I miss my bed. I get home and made my way up to my room. I opened the door and it was locked. I unlocked the door and the room was dim, smooth music playing silently enough so you can just hear it. A sea of candle lights illuminated the room. I take a step in, and Ollie was on the bed. He tells me to come in and sit next to him. He undresses my shirt and gave me a soft massage. My neck feels suddenly warm yet a little wet. He was kissing the most sensitive part of my neck, just behind the ears. He touches my skin with his warm hands and made his way to my chest. He teases my nipples just a little bit. He wanted me to stand up just at the foot of the bed, he stands in front of me and unbuttons my pants and left my purple boxers on. He then kisses my chest, my nipples and made his way up and down my torso.

He gently lays me down the bed. He then ties my arms and legs to each corner of the bed. He kisses me on the lips and asks, "Do you trust me?" and I said "Yes."

He took one of the candles that sat next to our bed. He takes out a scarf and blindfolds my eyes. The next thing I feel on my chest is the hot wax from the candle. It hurts, but it feels really good. He drops a little bit more of the wax while he bites my nipples. It felt so good that my dick was thrusting in my boxers. A little drop here,a little drop there.

i felt a little air in my boxers as he takes it off. By this time, my dick is as hard as its going to get. He teases it, licking the shaft to the head. His tounge made it's way to my balls. He then licks just under it and I let out a little moan. Asking him for more. He was playing with my balls while he grabs my dick with his hand. He strokes my dick, just a little bit. I then feel a wet, warm mouth around the head of my dick. His mouth was warm, making it's way up and down my dick. I tell him "Don't stop!"

He strokes my dick while his mouth wraps around the head. He strokes it really slow. I tell him that Im close and he said "I want it all in my mouth."

Right about when my body feels out of control, and my dick was ready to let all of my juice out, I woke up!

I woke up with the biggest hard on I have ever had. So what did I do? grabbed the lube, took my boxers off and lubed up my dick. It was the best jack off I have ever did.

It was really good morning. I cant wait till our first night together when he comes back.


chase said...

nice pics.
i never cum in my sex dreams.
or when i am about to cum i wake up.
hmmm.. im just wondering..

nice pics.

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

And I thought this post was going to be about flowers...Wow. I think you're really really in love with your bf. I mean you still have sexual dreams about him. I think you guys are gonna have so much fun when he cums back...

Anonymous said...

jay, that night pic, is that you? that big? he he. really, is that you in the pic?