Monday, July 2, 2007

Officially Missing You

So my Ollie went to the Phillipines last Wednesday.

First off, I MISS HIM TERRIBLY! I miss him being there waiting for me when I get home from work. I miss him holding on to my pinky when we sleep. I miss wrapping my legs around him when we sleep. I miss his random stares at me and just smiles. I miss holding him with my arms when we cuddle. I miss him pushing me to go brush my teeth before we sleep. I miss sharing my lunches and dinners with im. I miss singing along High School Musical, Aerosmith, Christina Aguilera, while driving in the car. I miss randomly dancing with him naked in front of the mirror. I miss holding his hand. I miss waking up next to him. I miss him period!

Ive been trying to occupy my time this past couple of days. Going out and catching up with friends, having my sister stay over this big house and getting to know her again... so I can't say it's been hard. I think I can do it. We've been apart before, when I went to the Philippines two years ago. I just can't wait until he comes back in two more weeks.

I decided that I wanted to do a project in our room. I can't say it becuase I want it to be a surprise and he might at least once logg online while in the Philippines. I just wanted to do a project that would take me a while to do, so I have something to do to get my mind off missing him.

Also laterly, I've lost the privilage to go online so I might not blog a lot this next couple of weeks. I never knew that the internet has such a big part of my daily routines. I've been watching dvd's lately to pass time too.

This time apart from my Ollie also has taught me a couple of things about myself. I recently had an arguement with someone over the phone and usually I would turn to Ollie to either listen to me vent or give me advice. But after the phone call, he wasn't there so I had to suck it up and do it for myself. I've also realized that I need to be more understanding when it comes to our relationship. I've let myself get annoyed easily rather than just accept it or understand. I've been so big about taking time for granted, but at the same time, I feel like a hypocrite because I take things for granted about him. So I do believe, this time we have apart from each other is a good thing. We learn a lot about ourselves and from each other that I know when he comes back, will make our relationship stronger.

I just do pray for his safety and for him to come back alright. Im just big on that becuase Im not there to protect him, but I know he can do it. He's stronger than people would think.

All in all, I miss him a lot and I love him. I cherish the moments that he calls me for two minutes max. And I've noticed that after our phone conversations, I get really really happy and everything seems to be alright. I always look forward to when he calls me. I love him.


We deicded to go to Disneyland the day before he left. I guess it's a tradition now, for everytime someone leaves to go to the Philippines. We went there in the afternoon because it was way too hot here and we were way too tired. We ended up just riding two rides because it was packed in Disneyland that day. We also watched my parade without me being in it. It seems so fun watching it. I love my parade.

We enjoyed our time together there, even if we've been there so many times this year. WE had fun taking pictures of each other and having photo shoots all over the park. I cherished every moment we had together that day knowing that he will be leaving the next day. It was the most fun I've had in Disneyland.

After, we drove to Irvine to have dinner with canate. We had reservations at P.F. Changs. It was delicious. I would have taken pictures of our food but I forgot the camera and it was way too dark to take pictures with my phone.

After having our little dinner, we had dessert with our friend Minji and her boyfriend at Boba Time. We were way too tired and we still need to finish packing his clothes, so we ended the night a little early. We got home, finished packing and knocked out in each others' arms. I wouldn't let him go the whole night.

And that was the last day before he went to the Philippines. I am planning something nice and romantic when he comes back. Just to show him how much I missed him. Can't wait.

Here are some pictures from Disneyland...


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chase said...

ohh wow.. how sweet..
hmmm.. love.. love .. love.
gud luck you guys.

im linking you..
i wanna hear more of the ollie and jaybe love story..